Professional input, caring, help and personal touch

After Mum passed away and had asked for a funeral for immediate family and a few guests I was surprised that our brother had asked the help of someone outside the family to assist with the arrangements. The family could surely handle this themselves. During our first meeting with Annegien I knew that my reservations were totally unfounded. Annegien’s professional input, caring, help and personal touch allowed the family to focus on Mum and not the details of the event. The experience of Mum’s funeral were very spiritual and I will cherish that for the rest of my days.

When it came to organizing the spreading of Mum and Dad’s ashes I was the first to agree and again ask for Annegien’s help organizing the event. Again Annegien was able to think of all the things that get overlooked by our grieve and emotions. Our family had an experience that we will remember forever thanks in large part to Annegien.

We would absolutely recommend Annegiens’s services to any family at a time of loss, grieve and difficult time.

Thank you very much Annegien.

Hein, Elisa, Liam and Tristan